Telling Our Story

Rebuilding Momentum

Whether you were looking for one of the best jobs in Tennessee or investing venture capital in start-ups, we were talking to you and providing great information about why you want to select Chattanooga.

A ‘rebuilding momentum’ theme drove our marketing communications work, which advances the Chamber’s strategies for both the Chattanooga Chamber Foundation and the membership.

From national headlines to local radio shows and video info meetings, our work centered on fostering recovery and growth for Chattanooga and Hamilton County businesses.

1 Billion Reasons to See Chattanooga in a New Light

One billion news impressions of Chattanooga gave us more visibility and credibility as a place for people to invest, expand, re-locate.

To put this in perspective, if those news articles had been advertisements, it would have cost more than $5.2 million. Reaching our key audiences through public relations and “earned media” work also means the information we shared was more credible to our key audiences:

  • Investors
  • Site selectors
  • People looking for best jobs
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National Media Impressions

1 Billion

News Impressions


Million Ad Equivalency




Increased Focus on Key Messages: Talent Development and Closing the Digital Divide

What’s local doesn’t stay local. If it’s good news (or bad), it’s shared in an instant. We increased our local focus on storylines about closing the digital divide and making talent development programs more accessible, then pitched several of those stories nationally.

Key messages developed in concert with our economic development public relations consultants and our volunteer Communications Committee members included:

  • Chattanooga is the best city for remote workers
  • Hamilton County companies strengthen resiliency
  • Hamilton County bridges the digital divide
  • Chattanooga paves the way for a more sustainable South
  • Chattanooga leverages Smart City tech in a post-pandemic world

Success on this front would not be possible without our members and investors, who helped amplify these messages at the national level. We rely on these dedicated individuals who are always ready to help or lead.

Collaboration Means More Everything – Travel & Leisure

The Chattanooga Chamber marketing communications pros and the experts at Chattanooga Tourism Co. have been strategically working more closely. Travel & Leisure’s June 2021 headline declared Chattanooga, Tennessee the best place to work from home. This headline was the outcome of work by both teams: Best in the Country. No. 1



Expanded Reach through Digital Media

Chattanooga Chamber videos continue to outperform expectations – with nearly 100,000 views on Facebook and thousands more on YouTube. High engagement like this proves members actively seek video content as a convenient way to stay informed – and they trust our content for accuracy.

As we return to in-person meetings and events, we plan to keep multimedia content as a critical pillar of our marketing communications strategy.

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Last, but not least: National Award-Winning

Our Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) peers recognized our work with two national awards., a customized website we created to recruit tech companies to the Chattanooga region, earned both an ACE award for communications excellence and a Best in Show award (they only give three of these in North America each year.)